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Your small hands lifted and bright eyes look to us 

Trustingly waiting for what we can give.

We will give for you a vision of life fair and glorious

And fill you with courage to laugh and to live.

Geethanjalee” is a truly a ground-breaking learning environment that provides exceptionally high standards of education to Students. Irrespective of its curriculum, we will make its tag-line “Success for All” a reality for all our students through good teaching in a safe, secure and stimulating environment with each day being a new experience.

A kaleidoscope of extra-curricular activities, community involvement programmes and school events support our teaching philosophy of preparing the students for the world and the challenges of the future.

Accepting that we are all Different, yet recognising that we are All the Same” helps the students to develop the values, principles and ethics that are respected, admired and accepted in all cultures and religions. Students are taught healthy social attitudes and a spirit of humanity providing the ethical foundations and social skills to guide them through life.We aim at developing each student’s own individual potential for leadership either as a motivator of others or themselves, discovering and aspiring to one’s own special area of excellence. The future is exciting, and we look forward to equipping our students for that future, as the foundations we lay will last a life time.
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