2013 School Achievements

National yoga championship was organized by International youth yoga federation.
V.Vinusam of V std – 1 place.
Dr.N.G.P Arts and Science College conducted a science BUZZ competition.
12th student participated and won I and III place for poster presentation,
I place and Appreciation for science working models,
II place and consolation prize for the
Project On “Wealth out of waste”.

International youth yoga Federation conducted the south India yoga championship.
S.Barani of V std – I place bagged gold medal.

Youth India yoga Federation conducted the national yoga championship.
V.Vinusam of V std -II place.

All India Karate Tournament.
S.Dinesh kumar of VI std –III place [kata]
J.Haripranav of V,III std –II place[kata]

STROKES-A National level colouring and Handwriting competition was conducted by Rangostar sanstha.
Dhanasa of VII std –II prize
Kriya sakthi of VI std –III prize
Lakshmi.S.Nair II std –II prize.

CAI –Mahendar conducted a colouring competition in connection with the celebration of Road Safety week.
Raveen.M of IX std –I prize
Kavithanjali.v of IX std –II prize
Saravanan Guhan of V std –III prize.

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