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Teachers follow the Lecture method , Project method and discussion method delving deep into the concepts . Collaborative learning & critical analysis is also followed.

Geethanjalee Matric Hr Secondary School



The School believes in complete development of the children who come into its fold.  They are encouraged to think independently, express their instincts of creativity and to aspire for excellence.  A supportive environment is offered to the weaker students.  A wholesome personality is the result of education.

Teacher centric approach

Student centric approach

Inquiry based learning

Personalized learning

Game based Learning

Expeditionary Learning

In the classroom the teacher lectures and takes control of the classroom getting a feedback which involves the students in the learning process. The teacher also demonstrates come up facilitates, delegates and blends the interests of the students to create a classroom environment that is inclusive and engaging.



Examinations are held in September, December and April. Besides the terminal examinations, Mid-Term tests are regularly held. No examinations will be held before the time fixed for the examination. No re-examination will be conducted at any circumstances. In the event of an examination having to be postponed owing to unavoidable circumstances, it will be conducted on the first working day after the last examination scheduled to be held, unless otherwise intimated. A fulfilled learning experience is complete after evaluation. Keeping in mind the sensitivities and sometimes inconsistent performances of children we follow the weighted average method of evaluation in exams for their promotion to the higher class.

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