2022 Achievements

AT the DISTRICT LEVEL VOLLEY BALL TOURNAMENT IN THE DIFFERENT ZONES our school won the 3rd place under 14 years conducted at ANNAI VIOLET MHSS

At TKS MHSS our school won the 3rd place under 14 years in the Volley Ball Tournament.

ESPN STAR SPORTS conducted the Junior Volley Ball Tournament on our school grounds and our Team won the 2nd place under 14 years.

Tamil Nadu Fist Ball Association and Coimbatore District Fist Ball Association CONDUCTED 6th Junior State Fist Ball Championship Tournament at TKS and Adithyan S of Std 10 secured the 2nd place

At the Coimbatore District Level Tennikoit Tournament Harini P of std 12 and Prinetha J of Std 9 won the 1st place at the District Level making their entry to the State Level.

At the Zonal Level 7 of our students were the Winners in the Tennikoit Tournament. They are Gobika B of 6O, Vinusree M of 7R, Harini P of 12B, Prinetha J of 9R, Sastiga Sree of 9 O, Suhashini PG of 9 O and Shyam Pranesh of 8 O.

In the Discuss Throw Shyam Pranesh of 8 O won the 1st place at the Zonal Level.

109 students from Stds 1 to 7 participated in various Sports Events in the USS Kiddies Sports Meet conducted at Don Bosco School of Excellence and 30 of our students won Prizes and Medals.

At the South India Level Open Karate Championship and the National Level Open Karate Championship Guru Sri Darshan of 9C won the 1st place and Vinumithra of 6R won the 3rd place in Individual Kata. In the Individual Open Karate Championship Hari Prakash of 8R won the 1st place in Individual Kata.

At the State Level Yoga Championship conducted in Decathlon Hari Prakash of 8R won the 2nd place and received a cash award of 2000 Rs. And Sree Shanth of 8 O won the 3rd place and received a cash award of Rs.1000.

Mithul Hariesh MB of Std 9C participated in various Martial Arts Silambam competitions in the State and the National Levels. He has secured 14 Gold Medals, 4 Silver Medals and 3 Bronze Medals.

He has also made his entry into the India Book of World Records for his performance in Silambam Stick Rotation and SirulVaal rotation blind folded, standing on a mud pot for 4 hours for 1 event and 12 hours for another event.

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